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From The Desk Of Mick Phillips
Simplified Success In The Kindle Market Place

I have no doubts that you have been watching the news and reading blogs about the Indie Publishing Tycoons raking it in, at the Amazon Kindle Marketplace this year...

Headlines like 1,000,000 downloads in five short months, and instant Indie ebook millionaires have peaked your curiosity, and you're wondering what it takes to get into this exploding billion dollar marketplace!

However, I'll bet your initial research has left you more than just a little confused!

I know, I've looked around myself, and there is a ton of trash - out-dated misinformation, all around the web and sadly ...even the Amazon.com website seems to be fraught with contradictory information!

With the Kindle Fire now "flooding the market", and its game changing but more complicated Format 8 taking off, many newbie entrepreneurs to the Kindle marketplace have been wondering if they missed their window of opportunity!

Has Independent publishing in Amazon's vast Kindle Store become too complicated for the newbie, or someone who is un-connected?

We'll first, of all let me put your mind at ease, with some great news... you are not to late and it's not that hard!

Modest estimates project and increase of 300% in ebook sales over the next four years! And it's expected that Amazon will control nearly 75% of this business - which by then may likely exceed 10 Billion dollars!

And if you continue to read on...

I can almost guarantee that you will be taking home a fat slice of that 10 Billion dollar pie!

I've successfully taught others to follow my winning blueprint, and I promise I can teach you!

You Only Need 3 Things To Succeed In The Kindle Store...
Good Ebook Formatting, Good Amazon Search Optimization, and a Good Promotional Strategy!

A Good Ebook Helps
(but is not required...!)

There is no accounting for bad taste and I guess maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder but...
I've seen my strategy work wonders on books that were put in the Kindle store that I personally thought would never make it - but they did, and they continue to make sales, even today!

The first problem you will encounter is that most of the directions for formatting ebooks for the Kindle, sound "crazy'' complicated when as you will see, they don't need to be!

The second problem is NO ONE ever explains how to position a book in the Kindle Store so people can find it! UNTIL NOW!

And finally, the simple promotional strategies, that don't cost a publisher anything, yet push customers into buying ebooks have been kept under lock and key. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

Discover The 3 Tycoon Tactics I'll need to show you quickly what went wrong, so you can fix it!


Chapter One's Short Introduction- will reaffirm your decision to enter the Kindle Marketplace, at this incredible time in history. There's never been a time like the present to enter a marketplace with the life changing potential that today's Amazon Kindle ebook self publishing, now provides!


Chapter Two - Gets you into the Marketplace The Right Way, The First Time! Sidestep the confusing mish mash of half truths by third party conversion software peddlers, and even cut through the jargon filled confusing links posted on Amazon, which make getting books into the Kindle Store sound like something only a brain surgeon could do.

And DISCOVER how you can be totally prepared with all your ducks in order, so that your book will be in the Kindle Store making sales after a quick 10 minute ebook submission! Everything you need to know about formatting and submitting a stunningly professional ebook is here. No stone is left unturned!


Chapter Three - You don't want to just be in the Kindle Store, you want top billing! Amazon.com is the biggest "Buyers" search engine. It works almost like Google only better because people use it, when they are ready to spend money! You'll discover here, how to get "ranked" high in the store - where even casual customers can't help but find you!


Chapter Four- Unlock A Proven Free Promotional Strategy that drives customers to your ebook, even when they aren't in the Amazon Store! - This is a strategy that Millionaire Independent Publishers have been using to grab unsuspecting people off the street by the hair and drag them like cavemen to their book deals in the Kindle Store! Best of all, it turns them into paying ~repeat~ paying customers!



Chapter Five- HOW TO CREATE A KILLER EBOOK FOR THE KINDLE MARKETPLACE! Have a book that needs to be better? Don't have a book yet? Want to learn how to create or get created for you, dozens of ebooks painlessly? Here you'll discover how to multiply your Kindle Store's Library with enough creative content to build your own publishing house brand!


Chapter Six- Don't Piddle for Peanuts! - There is methods to high profits on Kindle and several paths that you can take to get there. Follow these outlines closely and failure won't only not be an option but instead a lavish retirement on royalties awaits you!



The Extensive Resource Section- Includes Months of Tough Research Boiled Down to a Few Clicks of Your Mouse! Don't waste time searching the web, struggling to think up the right questions and hoping the right answers are online! Don't read another step-by-step guide only to realize it was dated three months before the most recent changes had come into effect! One click from this organized list will confirm that you have been saved from hours of frustration!

Discover the SERCRET

Every Chapter is a game changer!
Authors, Publishers and Entrepreneurs, whatever your ultimate goal, this book will quickly unlock the tools, techniques and technologies you need to enter the Kindle Market successfully on your very first book!

Tried Kindle Publishing On Your Own? With Lackluster Results?

Are you intimidated by the sign-up process? Don't just tame the beast, become the master over your first ebook submission. You'll understand exactly what extra steps Indie Millionaires take, when submitting books to Kindle, and how to emulate their sacred tactics for your own personal gain!

Conversion tools got you confounded?
If you have Microsoft Word, then you've got all you
need to get a professional looking ebook into the Kindle Format. I'll prove It!

What does the Amazon Search Algorithm need from you
, so that it will place your book in front of the eyeballs, of paying customers!

Find and build a loyal readership base that playfully promotes every book you place in the Kindle Store!

Kindle ebook creation techniques, best practices, short cuts and secrets for creating titles quickly and professionally.

Stretch your imagination around receiving residual royalties on a vast library of titles in the Kindle Store - owned by you!

Plus, The Truth about Kindle Fire - Exposed!!!

...and tons of other game changing, miscellaneous facts and figures vital to your success which you can only find here!

Introducing: Kindle Tycoon!


Over 80 Pages - Described as...

"Written With Authority, Acumen, and Accuracy!"

"The Definitive Online Text Book for Kindle Publishing!"

"A Refreshingly "PLUCKY" and Enjoyable Read!"

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The Internet Changes at the Speed of Light!

Therefore, I take great pains and great pride in collecting, compiling, and testing the information included in this book, to deliver to you the most up-to-date information available!

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